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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Moving is a big undertaking, and there's a lot that can go wrong. From hiring the wrong movers to forgetting to change your address, it's easy to make a mistake that can cost you time, money, and a whole lot of stress. To help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with moving, we've compiled a list of seven mistakes to avoid.

1. Hiring Inexperienced Movers

One of the most common mistakes people make when moving is hiring inexperienced movers. While it may be tempting to save a few bucks by going with a company that's offering you the surprisingly cheapest price or just starting out, it's not worth the risk. Hiring inexperienced movers can lead to damaged or lost belongings, as well as billing disputes.

2. Not Cleaning Before You Move

No one wants to move into a dirty home. But many people mistakenly think they will have time to clean once they get settled into their new place. The truth is, there is always something that needs to be done when you move into a new home. So it's best to take care of as much cleaning as possible before you move. That way, you can start enjoying your new home right away instead of spending all your time cleaning it.

3. Not Purging Your Belongings

Most people have more stuff than they realize—and that's especially true when it comes time to move. Before you start packing up your things, take some time to purge anything you don't need or want anymore. This will not only save you money on packing materials and moving costs, but it will also make unpacking a lot easier once you're settled into your new place.

4. Packing Too Much Into Your Car

If you're planning on making a cross-country move, chances are you'll be driving your own car instead of shipping it. While this could save you money on transportation costs, it could also end up costing you if you try to pack too much into your vehicle. Not only will this make the drive more uncomfortable, but it could also put unnecessary wear and tear on your car.

5. Forgetting About Your Utilities

Transferring or setting up new utilities is one of the most important—and often overlooked—aspects of moving. Be sure to contact your current utility providers at least two weeks before your move-in date to schedule a disconnection date for your old place. Then, contact the utility companies for your new area and set up service for your new home.

6. Failing to Update Your Address

Changing your address may seem like a hassle, but it's important not forget to do it when you move (otherwise, all of your mail will end up at your old place!). To update your address with the United States Postal Service (USPS), simply fill out a Change of Address form online or at your local post office branch ahead of time. Then, be sure to update your address with any other companies or organizations that regularly send you mail—such as credit card companies, banks, and magazines—as soon as possible after you've moved in .

7 . Waiting Until the Last Minute to Pack

Packing may not be the most exciting part of moving, but it's important not to wait until the last minute to do it . Otherwise , you may find yourself scrambling at the last minute and throwing things into boxes haphazardly . This could lead to broken belongings or lost items , neither of which are fun surprises when you're trying to settle into your new home .

Moving is a big undertaking , but by avoiding these seven common mistakes , you can help ensure that your move goes smoothly . From getting an in-home estimate from potential movers to changing your address with the USPS , being proactive and preparing ahead of time will save you time , money , and stress in the long run.

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